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Special Studies in Music History

Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint | Course Description
Baroque Counterpoint | Course Description

(Dr. Gordon J. Callon)

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Sample Examination, April 2008 (useful as check list):

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Facsimiles of Primary Sources
. Facsimiles of woodcuts (by Michael Wohlgemuth, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, and Albrecht Dürer) from: The Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) [Michelle Muggridge, from an original 1493 printing of The Nuremberg Chronicle in the Acadia University Special Collections.]
  • Introduction: Nuremberg Chronicle (The Book of Chronicles from the Beginning of the World) (Michelle Muggridge)
  • Title Page (facsimile)
  • Directory of files [To view facsimiles, click on the *.htm file names.]
  • . Facsimiles of pages from: Charles Burney, A General History of Music, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period (London, 1776–1789), Vol. IV. [Marlene Murtonen, from an original of Burney's History in the collection of Gordon J. Callon.]
    . Facsimiles of Excerpt from: Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Notes of A Pianist (London, 1881) [Michelle E. Keddy]

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