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Eighteenth-Century Baroque Counterpoint
[Tonal Counterpoint]

Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint | Course Description
Special Studies in Music History | Course Description
(Dr. Gordon J. Callon)

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Other Useful Web Sites for Eighteenth-Century Baroque Counterpoint:

Online Scores for Study and Analysis [GJC] Online Information concerning Counterpoint
General Reference Sources General Theory Sources Score Links Notation
Timelines & Chronologies Facsimiles Renaissance & Baroque Art History
Online Music Scores (to Download) Acadia Early Music Archive Iconographic sources
Theory & Analysis Resources Online Journals Music Technology Online Journals
Bibliographies Music Technology Careers in Music Instruments
Grove Music Online   [Open access only to general information and demos; full access only by subscription]

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Online Contrapuntal Exercises for Eighteenth-Century Baroque Counterpoint

[Prepared by GJC. These excercises are available online in Sibelius, PDF, GIF, and EPS formats. Available on request are versions in Score and MuseScore formats. Students who do not have Sibelius, Score, or Finale software will find the free software MuseScore suitable for these exercises or may use the online WWW application Noteflight.]

Online Scores for Study and Analysis

Acadia Early Music Archive [GJC]

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Online Information concerning Counterpoint

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