Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint
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Course Content and Procedure:

Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint is a study of 16th-century polyphonic technique in the vocal style. Most of Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint is concerned with writing in two parts. When students master two-part writing, some three-part writing is introduced.
Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint should include analysis of and listening to musical examples.

Textbooks of interest:

Use of Technology:

In Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint students need to use online Internet resources for the following:
  1. To access information concerning Counterpoint on the Internet. This may be accomplished by using links available as part of the Acadia Early Music Resources and Score Software Resources site, and through the links for Sixteenth-Century Vocal Counterpoint.
  2. Use may be made of online Music reference resources, as much as each student may be able to access. Useful are two subscription sites Grove Music Online.
  3. Top Top
  4. Probably to complete and submit Exercises (if music notation software is used for the exercises and assignments). Please identify each assignment by the number and page of the exercise in the source.

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