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Music 1253 Worksheet no. 7
The Internet 2: Iter (online Renaissance database)

RILM (studied in the previous Worksheet, number 6) and Iter are subscription databases. This means that only individuals logged into the Acadia University network can access these resources. Only limited access is possible using a dial-up connection. If you want to use RILM and Iter, or any other subscription services from an external account, this is possible by using the Acadia Proxy Server. Instructions are available at the Vaughan Library site, in the Technical Tips section.
Click here for the Connect from Off-campus - Proxy Server instructions.

It is better to do Worksheet 7 online. Both the RILM and Iter portions concern the use of an online electronic database, so items may be easily cut and pasted in Netscape between a window with the online database (RILM or Iter), and another window with the Worksheet. It is useful to have two windows open, one with the Worksheet, one with the online database. [To open a second window in Netscape, press Ctrl-N.]

To make saving longer items of information easier, these databases also offer the option of saving the information to files, or e-mailing the information to yourself.

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Iter: the Bibliography of Medieval and Renaissance Europe from 400-1700

Access to Iter: To get to Iter, go the Music 1253 course site. Take the following route:

General Music Reference SourcesOnline Electronic Indexes & Research DatabasesIter access via Library (http://library.acadiau.ca/indexes/atoz.html#I)

If necessary, click on the index entry "I";

scroll down to and click on: Iter: the bibliography of Medieval and Renaissance Europe from 400-1700.

This should produce:


Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Click here to see image

Click on: Search a Database


What Would You Like To Search?

Click here to see image

Select Iter Bibliography.

Click here to see an image of a search entry.

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The Assignment:

  1. Using the Iter, give a Select Bibliography of ten (or as many that are available in Iter, if fewer) periodical articles concerning the Term or Name assigned to you by the teacher of this course. Be very careful to include only periodical articles. Put the Bibliography in the box below [or submit this separately].

  2. Select these ten (or as many that are available in Iter, if fewer) items chosen by clicking on the Box (upper right side) next to the label "Keep":

To e-mail the records, click on the menu button "Kept":     

This will produce a screen with an option to e-mail the marked record(s).

Click here to see image

You may notice that the "Kept" list contains less information than the first list produced by the Search. Most details of publication disappear.
This is not a problem. When you e-mail the records to yourself, the missing details are included. Note that you need these details for your Select Bibliography.

E-mail the results for these ten (or as many that are available in Iter, if fewer) Items to yourself.
When received, forward (by e-mail) this list to the instructor (at gcallon @ ca.inter.net or gordon.callon @ acadiau.ca).
[This is one way to get the text of the ten items to put in your Select Bibliography.]

NOTE: This Select Bibliography MUST be in the correct format for Bibliographies, as described in:

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To keep this part of the worksheet interesting, each student in the class will be assigned a different term or name.

To ensure this, each student will select the term or name from the list below that begins with the same one, two, or three letters as the first one, two, or three letters of the student's First name.

Select as many letters as possible. If this is not successful, select for the first letter another useful letter of the alphabet, closest to the correct letter. [For example, I would search for terms that begin Go... . If this did not work, I would then search for a term beginning Gr… (etc.).]

When using a name, use the person's last name (family name), together with the given name(s).

Caution: For many older terms and names there are alternate spellings. It is essential that you check these alternate spellings. To determine what these are, look up the term or name selected in www.grovemusic.com (New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, 2nd edition on the web)

Possible Names or Terms:
Aaron, Pietro
Adam de la Halle
Alison, Richard
Amati, Andrea
Andreas de Florentia
Antico, Andrea
Ariosti, Attilio
Aurelianus Reomensis
Aston, Hugh
Baif, Jean-Antoine de
Bermudo, Juan
Blondel de Nesle
Brassart, Johannes
Brumel, Antoine
Cara, Marchetto
Castro, Jean de
Choralis Constantinus
Clereau, Pierre
Colman [Coleman], Charles
Cooke, Henry
Corbetta, Francesco
Crecquillon, Thomas
Cristofori, Bartolomeo
Croce, Giovanni
Dall'Abaco, Evaristo Felice
Danyel, John
De Silva, Andreas
Dowland, Robert
Draghi, Giovanni Battista
Eton Choirbook
Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Gerle, Hans
Gillebert de Berneville
Giustiniani, Vincenzo
Glogauer Liederbuch
Ground Bass
Hammerschmidt, Andreas
Hayne van Ghizeghem
Hellinck, Lupus
Hingeston, John
Holborne, Anthony
Hume, Tobias
Isaac, Heinrich
Jacopo da Bologna
Janequin [Jannequin], Clément
Jeffreys, George
Jenkins, John
Jerome of Moravia
Johannes de Garlandia
Josquin Desprez
Jüdenkunig, Hans
Kapsberger, Johann
Kepler, Johannes
Kirbye, George
Knüpfer, Sebastian
Kotter, Hans
Krieger, Adam
Kuhnau, Johann
La Rue, Pierre de
Lira da braccio
Lochamer Liederbuch
Ludford, Nicholas
Luzzaschi, Luzzasco
Mace, Thomas
Macque, Giovanni de
Matteis, Nicola
Mei, Girolamo
Mensural Notation
Mersenne, Marin
Micheli, Romano
Milán, Luis
Monk of Salzburg
Morales, Cristóbal de
Navarro, Juan
Nicholson, Richard
Old Hall Manuscript
Pallavicino, Carlo
Parsley, Osbert
Patiño, Carlos
Petrucci, Ottaviano
Philips, Peter
Pollarolo, Carlo Francesco
Quinault, Philippe
Rimonte, Pedro
Robledo, Melchor
Rossi, Salamone
Ruffo, Vincenzo
Saracini, Claudio
Sauveur, Joseph
Schein, Johann
Sermisy, Claudin de
Silva, Andreas de
Staden, Johann
Stradella, Alessandro
Sumer is icumen in
Tallis, Thomas
Taverner, John
Tregian, Francis
Triumphs of Oriana
Ulenberg, Kaspar
Valente, Antonio
Vásquez, Juan
Viola bastarda
Vitry, Philippe de
Waelrant, Hubert
Walter, Johannes
Ward, John
Weerbeke, Gaspar van
Whythorne, Thomas
Yonge, Nicholas
Zarlino, Gioseffo

Put your Select Bibliography in the box below. [The box will scroll to make room for extra text.]

When you are finished working in Iter, remember to Exit.
In Iter, click on the "Exit" icon in the menu at the top:     

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Check to ensure that you have answered all questions.
Make sure you have entered your name at the top of the Worksheet.
When you are sure that the answers on your Worksheet are correct, submit the answers by clicking on the Submit button below.

Last updated: 20 August 2005.  
Copyright © 2005 by Gordon J. Callon. All rights reserved. e-mail: gcallon @ ca.inter.net or gordon.callon @ acadiau.ca
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