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[In completing this Worksheet, it is recommended that a second window be opened (in MS Explorer or Firefox enter Ctrl-N).
One Window can contain the Worksheet, while the second window is used to search the Library Catalogue.]

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Music 1253 Worksheet no. 4. Acadia Library Online Computer Catalogue 2.

Acadia Library Online Computer Catalogue (WebCat), con'd.

Worksheet 3 introduced some methods for finding items in the Acadia Library Online Computer Catalogue (WebCat). Worksheet 4 continues looking at the Library Catalogue, using some more advanced features.

Like Worksheet 3, this tutorial is NOT intended as instruction in the actual use of the computers or the library catalogue itself. Library Reference staff will assist with questions concerning the online catalogue and the Library. This tutorial is intended only to provide drill in the use of this catalogue in the study of music.

Using the instructions given in Worksheet 3, access the Library Computer Catalogue.

  You can access the Library Computer Catalogue from any computer attached to the Internet, normally using MS Explorer, Firefox or another WWW browser.

In the Library:

Often the computers in the Reference Section are at an appropriate place to begin. If in doubt, if already in the Online Computer Catalogue, click on the NEW SEARCH button:

Full View: Complete Records:

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Often, in using the Library Computer Catalogue, the Search Results -- Complex Search under a search term provides adequate information (since the Call Number and other information are given). Sometimes the information given by the search results list is incomplete and, as a result, misleading.
For example:

Using Subject, find the Subject entry "Counterpoint".

A list of Entries about Counterpoint should appear in the Search Results -- Complex Search screen.

Using the these Entries, find the book with the title An Introduction to the Skill of Musick.

1. According to the initial listing for this book, what is the date of publication (given as part of the call number, or after clicking on the VIEW button, in the "Published" row of the entry)? [This is not completely accurate information.]

/ 8


(If necessary), select the Details button.     Details

When this screen is viewed, one discovers that the actual author of the book is John Playford (1623-1686?) and that it was originally published in 1694. The book in the Acadia Library is a facsimile of this original. (The library record states "Reprint" which is correct but not as specific as facsimile.)

2. What is the name of the important composer who "corrected and amended" the 1694 edition of this book?

/ 12


Cross References 1: Related SUBJECT Headings:

This software allows a sort of cross reference searches under the label Related Headings that one can use to broaden a subject search.

Using Subject, find the entry " Fugue".

Click on

There are also cross references.

This should produce the screen with the title:

Catalogue Lookup by Cross Reference


3. What are two related headings for Fugue?

/ 8


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Forty-eight Entries [or possibly more] should be available.

4. Give the Author of any one book in this list.

/ 12



GO BACK to the initial Fugue listing.

Another way of finding Cross References is to use the alternate Subject categories provided by the catalogue under some entries.

Click on the Details button   Details   for the entry:

Fugue and fugato in rococo and classical chamber music
Kirkendale, Warren

5. List the three alternate Subject: terms for this entry.

/ 20


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Cross References 3: CALL NUMBER LINKS:

Each Search Results -- Complex Search screen provides a Call Number for the item. Normally, the Call Number entries above the Full View entry (after the Details button is clicked) are Linked to the list of Call Numbers, Lookup by Call Number / Browse Catalogue by Call Number.

Because books on similar subjects, with similar contents, or with music for similar ensembles (etc.) are normally grouped together under the same or similar Call Numbers, searching other items with similar Call Numbers will provide related resources.

Click on the Call Number for

Fugue and fugato in rococo and classical chamber music
Warren Kirkendale

ML195 .K5713 1979

This should produce the Lookup by Call Number screen.

6. Looking at the entries for the four (or more) items with Call Numbers beginning ML195, what is the subject matter that these books have in common? Be as specific as possible.
It helps to click the BACKWARD button, since there are ML195 books before the one listed here.

/ 20



You may wish to know which volumes the Library owns of a particular periodical, series, set, etc. Using holdings, some entries will list volumes of a particular title (a set or series) that the Library owns.

[Click on the NEW SEARCH button.]

Using Title in the Search the Library Catalogue screen, find the Title entry Galpin Society Journal.

There should be one entry with this title. This is a periodical, so the Library should have several volumes.

Once you have reached the Full View screen for this item, in order to view lists of the volumes and numbers actually owned by the Library, simply scroll down the screen until the Copy   Material   Location list appears, or click on the link, holdings.
This lists all volumes or parts of this serial owned by the Library.

7. Using Copy   Material   Location, give the VOLUME and DATE of the earliest issue of Galpin Society Journal owned by the Acadia Library:
[Be very careful. You must provide the earliest copy of the actual journal in the Library.]

/ 20


[Total: / 100]

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Because there is so much explanation on this Worksheet, it is easy to miss some questions.
Check to ensure that you have answered all questions.
Make sure you have entered your name at the top of the Worksheet.
When you are sure that the answers on your Worksheet are correct, submit the answers by clicking on the Submit button below.

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