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[In completing this Worksheet, it is recommended that a second window be opened (in MS Explorer enter Ctrl-N).
One Window can contain the Worksheet, while the second window is used to search the Library Catalogue.]

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[ subjects: To access Library Catalogue | Word(s) Anywhere Search | Title Search | Author Search ]

Music 1253 Worksheet no. 3. Acadia Library Online Computer Catalogue 1.

Acadia Library Online Computer Catalogue (WebCat)

Books in the Acadia University Library are listed in the computer catalogue (WebCat).

Some of the items in the Computer Catalogue are older materials that have been entered in short form. New books, still being catalogued may be in this form. This also is done when an older book or other item is signed out by a user, simply to enter the loan in the Computer. Such items have NOT been Catalogued on the Computer. As a result, the information for these items on the Computer is incomplete and may be inaccurate.

Worksheet no. 3 gives a brief tutorial in some of the aspects of using the library online computer catalogue (WebCat). This tutorial is NOT intended as instruction in the actual use of the computers or the library catalogue itself. Library Reference staff will assist with questions concerning the online catalogue and the Library. This tutorial is intended only to provide drill in the use of this catalogue in the study of music.

  You can access the Library Computer Catalogue from any computer attached to the Internet, normally using MS Explorer or another WWW browser.

In the Library:

Often the computers in the Reference Section are at an appropriate place to begin. If in doubt, if already in the Online Computer Catalogue, click on the NEW SEARCH button:

You will then skip the next few steps on this Worksheet.

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Using MS Explorer or another browser:

On the World Wide Web, the Library Computer Catalogue is at the URL (address):


The Library Computer Catalogue can be accessed from the Music 1253 course site, under:

General Music Reference SourcesVaughan Memorial LibraryOnline Catalogue (WebCat)

[Click on Online Catalogue.]

If connecting from the Vaughan Memorial Library site, click on CATALOGUE.

[This link is provided at the site of every course taught by this instructor.]

You also can reach the Library Online Catalogue through the Acadia University WWW site by following the route:

ACADIA UNIVERSITYTake the Shortcut—[select] Library Catalogue

You then should see something that looks like the following image.

Click here to see image

For this Worksheet, you can Log in by clicking on the Search the library catalogue / digital collection GO button.

You should see something that looks like the following image.

Click here to see image

If you see the image shown above, you are in the Library Catalogue.
If another image is on screen, enter the Library Catalogue by clicking on the Library Catalogue button at the top:

You should see the screen reproduced in the link above.

At this point, you will probably be in the Search the Library Catalogue and Archives screen of the WebCat.

For this section of the Worksheet we will use this screen.
[For most Library Catalogue searches, entering search terms in the box marked "word(s) anywhere" provides satisfactory results.]


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[Note: Searches may be one or more words; separate words must have spaces between them. Invert personal names (last name first); enter others in direct order. Omit initial articles ("The", "A", "An", etc. ) in titles. Search terms can be shortened by leaving off letters or words at the end.]

[Note: when entering information into the computer, the presence or lack of spaces sometimes is important, so enter the given terms exactly. Entries may be all upper case or lower case letters, or a mixture. The Library Computer makes no distinction.]

[To back out of screens click on the Go Back button.]

Important: You must use this Library Catalogue Go Back button.

Using the MS Explorer (or other browser) Back button will not work properly within the Library Catalogue.


In the word(s) anywhere box, enter:


Then select the Search Catalogue button.

Several Records will appear concerning MUSICOLOGY.


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1. Under the heading (Search Results -- Complex Search) dealing with Musicology, how many Records are listed?

/ 4

2. Give the names of author(s) of any one book in this category.

[Click on the View button of entries until an author's name is found.]

[The authors’ names are given in the main heading. Note that an editor is not an "author".]

/ 10

3. Give the names of editor(s) of any one book in this category:

/ 10

Click until the Search the Library Catalogue and Archives screen appears

Remember: Click the Go Back button; NOT the browser Back button.

SUBJECT Headings include names of individuals, organisations, etc., when the book in question is ABOUT the person named:

Enter in the box with the heading "subject":

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

When treating a person's name as a subject, it does not seem to matter whether the first or family name is entered first.
In other words, one can enter Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina or Palestrina Giovanni Pierluigi da or Pierluigi da Palestrina Giovanni.
It seems to make no difference in the results.

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Click on the Search Catalogue button.

This should produce a list of books about Palestrina.

4. What is the title of the book by Malcolm Boyd?

/ 10

Go Back to the main Search the Library Catalogue and Archives screen.

Note: When you are two or more screens deep in a search, you can avoid repeated clicks on the Go Back button by using the NEW SEARCH button:


Top Top

TITLE Searches:

At the Search the Library Catalogue and Archives screen, enter in the box with the heading "title": Baroque Music.

Click on the Search Catalogue button.

5. Using Title search, give the Author(s) of one book with title of, or beginning: Baroque Music.

[You will probably need to click on the FORWARD button:]

/ 10

AUTHOR Searches:

Using a procedure similar to that above, but using the box with the heading "author", find the main entry for Barbara Strozzi.

Top Top

When entering a person's name as author, you must enter the last name first: Strozzi Barbara.
[French and Italian names such as "Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina", "Pierre de la Rue", "Josquin des Prez", etc. can be very tricky, especially before the date 1700. In such cases, any of the names may be considered the principal name.]

6. Under the main heading for Barbara Strozzi as Author, how many Records are listed?

/ 4

7. Barbara Strozzi published eight books of vocal music with opus numbers, plus one motet. One book, opus 4, has not survived.
In addition to opus numbers, Strozzi gave titles to the books she published. Some, such as Ariette a voce sola...Opera sesta ("Arias for solo voice...opus 6") are merely descriptive. Others are more fanciful.

What is the Italian [i.e., original] title of her collection opus 7 (Opera settima)?

[You may need to click on the FORWARD button:]

Be careful! You will need to click on the View button view to be sure that you have the correct title.

/ 10

[Of course, to go backward through the list of Records, you need to use the BACKWARD button:]


In addition to the names of individual authors, the AUTHOR headings contain the names of organisations such as companies, societies, performing ensembles, universities, government and public agencies, churches, etc.

Top Top

Using Author, look up the American Musicological Society.

8. Give the title of one book or booklet under this heading.

Be careful! You will need to click on the View button view to ensure that the item is a book or booklet.

/ 10

9. Give the title of one Periodical (Serial) produced by this organisation:

Be careful! Again, You will need to click on the View button view to ensure that the item is a periodical.

/ 10

The AUTHOR section contains the names of performing ensembles.

Top Top

Look up Fretwork.

10. What type of entry (i.e., books, serials, films, dictionaries, etc.) is found under this heading?

/ 10

[For question 10, be sure to click on the FORWARD button:]

11. Give the Author/Composer and Title of any one entry under Fretwork.

/ 12

[Total: / 100]

Because there is so much explanation on this Worksheet, it is easy to miss some questions.
Check to ensure that you have answered all questions.
Make sure you have entered your name at the top of the Worksheet.
When you are sure that the answers on your Worksheet are correct, submit the answers by clicking on the Submit button below.

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