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Music 1253 Worksheet no. 2.
Classification of Materials; Call Numbers 2

Like Worksheet 1, the purpose of this and subsequent worksheets is to help the student become familiar with the use of the Acadia University Library, as it relates to the study of music, and to become familiar with the various tools of music study and research. The Library is one of the most useful resources you have in the study of music history. Do these worksheets very carefully. Your care now will pay off in the future.

In completing these worksheets be as neat as possible. It will affect your grade.

NOTE: When you are through with a book in the library, if you have removed it from the shelf, DO NOT put it back on the shelf. Place it on a table AS NEAR AS POSSIBLE to its proper location. Certain sections of the Library have special shelves where items to be reshelved must be placed when the user is finished with them. Library staff will reshelve the book. Do not remove books from the immediate vicinity of their proper location.

(These suggestions are made to prevent books from being placed in an incorrect location and thus being misplaced. There are limited resources available and many people [especially in courses such as this] are trying to use them in a short period of time, so even a displacement of a few hours or days can have serious results—i.e., an incomplete or late assignment.)


In Worksheet 1, some general points concerning Call Numbers were introduced. Using the information gathered in completing Worksheet 1 and by looking at books on the shelves in the Library, answer each of the following.

For a summary of the Library of Congress Classification System on the World Wide Web, see:

Outline of the Library of Congress Classification:


Music and Books on Music:


[Alternate source with similar information: http://geography.miningco.com/library/congress/bllc.htm]

Links to these sites are provided at the Music 2273 WWW site, under Libraries, Archives, and Museums.

  1. In general, what kind of books do those with a ML Call Number tend to be?
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  2. ...those with a MT Call Number?
    / 14


  3. Books classified with the Call Numbers ML1700 and MT100 are very similar in certain respects, yet different in a very important way.
    In general, how are books with ML1700 Call Numbers similar to those with MT100 Call Numbers?
    / 12


  4. In general, how do books with ML1700 Call Numbers differ from those with MT100 Call Number?
    / 16


  5. In a similar manner, compare books with M2 and M3 Call Numbers.
    How are these two classifications similar?
    / 12


  6. How are they different?
    / 16

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  7. In general, how do books with M3.1 Call Numbers differ from those with M3 Call Numbers?
    / 16


Total: / 100

Check to ensure that you have answered all questions.
Make sure you have entered your name at the top of the Worksheet.
When you are sure that the answers on your Worksheet are correct, submit the answers by clicking on the Submit button below.

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