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Music 1253 Worksheet no. 17
Historical Sets & Series

Worksheet 16 considered Collected Editions, and briefly compared Collected Editions and Historical Sets and Series. Worksheet 16 pointed out that in the Library of Congress classification system, these have call numbers beginning with M3 (Collected Editions) and M2 (Historical Sets and Series).

Worksheet 16 also introduced the two very useful reference book that assist in using Collected Editions and Historical Sets and Series: George R. Hill, and Norris L. Stephens, Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets, & Monuments of Music: A Bibliography..., 1997, and Anna Harriet Heyer's Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music..., 1980.

The Acadia Library has a variety of collections known as historical sets and series.

  1. List eleven (11) sets of Historical Sets and Series, of which the Acadia Library has at least five (different) volumes.
    Give a short titles for each. [It is not necessary to give the complete title of each set.]
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Some collected works of individual composers are contained in one or more volumes of larger historical sets and series (such as Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, Musica Britannica, and others). Acadia University Library has some of these.

[Hill and Stephens, Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets, &Monuments of Music: A Bibliography, provides lists of the individual volumes of Historical Sets & Series. In addition, the book gives a separate full entry for each individual volume of these sets & series. Thus, this book can be very useful in answering the following questions.]

  1. Where, exactly, in a larger historical set may one find the complete musical works of Robert Morton?
/ 6

  1. Give the names of three (3) other composers whose collected works are included within more comprehensive Historical Sets and Series, that are owned by the Acadia Library:
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  1. In which volume(s) of the set Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era would one find an edition of Giulio Caccini's Nuove musiche e nuova maniera di scriverle?
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  1. Give the title, and editor [not the composer] of vol. 2 of Boethius Editions.
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  1. Who is/are the publishers of the set 17th Century Keyboard Music?
/ 5
  1. Does the Acadia Library have any of this set?
/ 2
yes        no

  1. If so, give just the Full Title of ONE volume that is in the Acadia Library.
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[Total:  / 100]

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Check to ensure that you have answered all questions.
Make sure you have entered your name at the top of the Worksheet.
When you are sure that the answers on your Worksheet are correct, submit the answers by clicking on the Submit button below.

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