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Music 1253 Worksheet no. 16
Collected Editions

    [Give a complete explanation! See various dictionaries and encyclopedias for the answer to this and subsequent questions of this sort. Especially useful is the article by Harold E. Samuel, "Editions, historical" in The New Harvard Dictionary of Music, edited by Don Michael Randel (pp. 264-276). Answer this, and further questions, as they apply to the study of music history.
    On the WWW, there is an excellent description of Collected Editions at the Glasgow University Library Music Library site, under the heading Using Collected Editions.]
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  1. Generally speaking, collected editions of music are of two overall types. In the Library of Congress classification system, these have call numbers beginning with M2 and M3, respectively.
    By observing carefully the sorts of books located in the library under these two headings, what are these two general types of collected editions? Describe each type.
    [Note: there are some general anthologies catalogued as M2; these are not collected editions.]
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Among the Collected Editions are series of works classified with Call Numbers beginning M3.1 . ... .

  1. How do these sets differ from the normal collected editions of the works of composers (i.e., those classified under M3)?
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  1. Name One (1) composer whose works are included in one of these series (in the section M3.1...), in a set of at least five volumes.
    Give the Name of the Composer, and the Complete Title of the set.
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A useful book in the study and use of collected editions of music is George R. Hill, and Norris L. Stephens, Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets, & Monuments of Music: A Bibliography.

  1. Give the COMPLETE and PROPER BIBLIOGRAPHIC ENTRY for Hill and Stephens's book:
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  1. What is its call number?
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Before the publication of Hill and Stephens, the most useful book of this type was Anna Harriet Heyer's Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music..., 1980.
[These book are on Reserve, located behind the Circulation Desk.]
In spite of its age, Heyer is still more useful in certain features than Hill and Stephens.

Compare the entry in each book for the complete works of Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713), Les Oeuvres de Arcangelo Corelli, and Historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe der musckalischen Werke.

  1. What information does Heyer provide, for both editions, that is lacking in Hill and Stephens?
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  1. Consequently, if Heyer consistently provides this type of information, while the Hill and Stephens book does not, in what manner may we conclude that Heyer's book remains useful, even though it is now about twenty-five years out of date?
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The Acadia Library has a variety of the collected works of individual composers.

  1. List eleven (11) sets of composers' complete works, in the form of proper collected editions, of which the Acadia Library has at least five (different) volumes.
    Do not include collected works of individual composers that are contained in one or more volumes of larger historical sets and series. (See the question on Worksheet 17 concerning this.) If you wish, you may list collected works in the Library that are COMPLETE in less than five volumes. Be sure to verify that the Acadia Library holdings are indeed complete.
    Give each composer's name. [It is not necessary to give the complete title of each set.]
    [Among the Collected Works of composers in the Acadia Library are editions of works of composers, which are not really part of a proper collected edition. Most of these are in the form of miniature scores; a few are vocal scores (mainly of operas). In answering this question, use Collected Editions, which are obvious-there are some to spare.]
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  1. In which volumes of the complete works of Heinrich Schütz, Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke are Schütz's psalms for double choir published as Psalmen Davids, 1619? (Note: The German word for Volume is Band.)
* [It is best to use Heyer for this question. Be very careful; Heyer lists more than one edition of Schütz's works.]
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  1. Does the Acadia Library have these volumes of this set?
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