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Music 1253 Worksheet no. 10
Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia, and other Reference Books, Part 1

The purpose of Worksheet no. 10 is to help the student become familiar with the types of reference sources available, the types of material covered in them, the extent and depth of coverage in each, and their relative merits.
Students are advised to make special note of sources which are of particular value, and to note those which are of less value. Special features of each reference source also should be noted.
It should soon become apparent that no single, or even a few sources, can be expected to provide complete information on any topic.

* Reference sources in a language other than English can be very helpful, even if the reader cannot read the language. Often there is information-such as illustrations, musical examples, lists of works, and bibliographies-for which the actual language is not needed. Frequently much can be figured out after reading several English definitions and explanations and simply applying the information.

Useful Music Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, an Overview

  biographical   non-
A Dictionary of Protestant Church Music     ok ok
Musicals! A Complete Selection Guide for Local Productions (Second edition) [ML19 .L9 1994]     ok ok
The Harvard Dictionary of Music (Randel, Don Michael, editor, Fourth edition, 2003)  
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2nd edition, 2001) [printed version]  
Grove Music Online [online WWW version of ...New Grove... (above)]  
The Norton/Grove Concise Encyclopedia of Music (1994 edition)  
The Catholic Encyclopedia Online  
The Oxford Dictionary of Music (2003 edition)  
The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments  
The Oxford Companion to Musical Instruments   [cross reference of Makers]
Musical Instruments: a Comprehensive Dictionary (Marcuse) (Corr. ed., 1975)  
Real-Lexikon der Musikinstrumente (Sachs)   [of names]
The Encyclopedia of Keyboard Instruments: The Piano  
The Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music   [appendix] [appendix]
The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music  
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians (8th edition, 1992)  
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Classical Musicians   [in Glossary]
The New Grove Dictionary of American Music  
Biographical Dictionary of Afro-American and African Musicians  
The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers  
International Encyclopedia of Women Composers  
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (2nd ed., 1992) [printed version]  
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada [online WWW version]  
Contemporary Canadian Composers (ed. MacMillan & Beckwith)  
A Biographical Dictionary of English Court Musicians, 1485-1714  
The Oxford Companion to Australian Music  
A Dictionary of Australian Music  
Concise Encyclopedia of Jewish Music  
A Dictionary of Early Music (Roche)  
An Early Music Dictionary (Strahle) [only cross references]  
The Thames and Hudson Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Music (Griffiths)  
Dictionary of Contemporary Music (Vinton)  
The Language of Twentieth Century Music  
The New Grove Dictionary of Opera  
Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre (Green)  
The Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre (Gänzl)  
The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (Second edition, 2001)  
Jazz Talk  
Guide to Jazz  
Jazz: The Essential Companion  
The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz, 1900-1950   [chronology]
Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock & Soul (Revised edition)   [chronology; names of groups]
The Oxford Companion to Popular Music  
The Encyclopedia of Popular Music (Larkin; Third edition)  
Dictionnaire de la musique populaire au Québec   [names of groups; brief "Glossaire"]
The Country Music Encyclopedia  
Encyclopedia of Folk, Country and Western Music   [names of groups]
Dictionary of Musical Technology  
Dictionary of Music Production and Engineering Terminology  
/ 100

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Make sure you have entered your name at the top of the Worksheet.
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