Jon Saklofske



My recent research involves an effort to acknowledge the importance of archival initiatives in the digital humanities, but also to shift attention from the archiving processes themselves to the ways in which we are subsequently able to use this collected information. I am interested in the ways that the interfaces through which we access and manipulate information determine perceptual understanding, meaningful interpretation and critical paradigms. To demonstrate this and to encourage increased innovation in the development and application of such interfaces, I--along with Jake Bruce and Ian Brunton--continue to devleop a prototype environment called "NewRadial" that revisualises the ways that users can engage with and comment on Humanities data. Evolving an earlier java prototype co-developed by myself and Jean-Marc Giffin, this open-source digital tool--using an HTML5 frontend and server backend--offers a space for knowledge communities to centralise secondary scholarship and conversation, while also attempting to emerge from book-based and print-based paradigms of theory and praxis in the humanities.

NewRadial Summary Handout is here

A link to NewRadial's current source code is here

A demonstration version of the current build is here