Jon Saklofske



English 2386 X0: Literature of the Romantic Period
Regular Session 2017-2018 (both terms)
MWF 10:30-11:20 Location: BAC 424

This course focuses on the diverse literature of the Romantic Period in England (approximately 1785-1830), a period of social, political and artistic change and contradiction. Favouring imagination, emotion and vision, artists and writers variously combined historical nostalgia, self-aware immediacy and hopeful idealism, and their expressions became vehicles for innovative approaches to revolution, rebellion and repose. This course looks at the way in which the contextual energies and dynamism of this uncertain period manifest themselves in the form and content of its cultural expressions. We will examine major themes and authors, engaging in close readings to comprehend the particular concerns and nuances of each writer. Comparatively exploring the broader relationships between creators, creations and consumers will also allow us to understand the ways in which the influential vitality of the Romantic Period remains relevant to our present cultural moment.

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