Letter of Information for Implied Consent
Librarians, Digital Librarians, and Archivists

You are invited to participate in a SSHRC-funded study entitled "Team development in the Humanities Computing community" that is being conducted by Drs. Richard Cunningham (Acadia), Wendy Duff (U of Toronto), Claire Warwick (UC London) and Lynne Siemens (U of Victoria).

Principle Investigator, Dr. Cunningham is a member of the Department of English, Director of the Acadia Media Centre, and leader of the Humanities HyperMedia Centre at Acadia University. You may contact him if you have further questions by email at richard.cunningham[at]acadiau.ca, or by telephone at 1-902-585-1345, or by FAX at 1-902-585-1070.

The purpose of this research project is to learn more about the use of teams for research and productivity, especially within the Humanities Computing / Digital Humanities community. We are interested in learning as much as possible about ways to support the development of these teams to ensure research effectiveness. The results from this study will be published and used to suggest types of support and training that could be provided to teams within the HuCo/DH community. You are being asked to participate in this study because during the first phase of our research we learned that librarians and archivists are among the most important members of such research teams, or are among the most important non-team members who contribute to the team's work. The results from this study will be published and used to suggest types of supports and training that could be provided to teams within this community.

If you agree to voluntarily participate in this research, your participation includes completing a series of questions designed to help us understand your experiences with Humanities Computing research teams. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you do decide to participate, you may withdraw at any time without any consequences or any explanation. If you do withdraw from the study your data will not be included in our analysis. You will not be identified in any regard in research dissemination.

There are no known or anticipated risks to you by participating in this research.

All records of participation will be kept strictly confidential, such that only members of the research team will have access to the data. In print form it will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in Dr. Siemens' office at the University of Victoria. It will be kept indefinitely. In digital form, the data will be held in password protected files only on computers controlled by members of the research team and owned by them or their employer institution.

Dissemination of Results

It is anticipated that the results of this study will be shared with others through conference papers and publications.

You may verify the ethical approval of this study, or raise any concerns you might have, by contacting Dr, Stephen Maitzen, Chair, Department of Philosophy, and Research Ethics Board Chair, Acadia University, by email at stephen.maitzen[at]acadiau.ca or by telephone at 1-902-585-1407.

By completing and submitting the questionnaire, YOUR FREE AND INFORMED CONSENT IS IMPLIED and indicates that you understand the above conditions of participation in this study and that you have had the opportunity to have your questions answered by the researchers.

Please print a copy of this letter to retain for your reference.


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