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Right Reason

Right reason is not equivalent to our concept of reason. It is not limited to any amoral, systematic functioning of the human intellect but neither is it simply an ingrained religious conscience. [Douglas] Bush calls it "a kind of rational and philosophic conscience which distinguishes man from the beasts and which links man with man and with God." This ability was given by God to all men and exists as a source of truth and a guide to proper conduct. "Though its effectual workings may be obscured by sin, it makes man, in his degree, like God; it enables him, within limits, to understand the purposes of a God who is perfect reason as well as perfect justice, goodness, and love." The classicists as well as other non-Christian thinkers, are men who have achieved a degree of truth and virtue according to their natural reason but are in need of divine revelation and love to complete their search for truth. Reason is not denied as a source of God, it does search for the "true light," and it is a gift of God, but it is limited by human imperfection. Because of its limitations it is only one part of the two-facet approach of the Christian search for truth.

(from http://globalvillage.pepperdine.edu/GoseWriter/rreason.html, no author cited: reference to Bush, Douglas. Paradise Lost In Our Times, (Gloucester: Cornel University Press, 1945))