English 2183 -- Shakespeare

Fall 2004

Why History?

BAC 207 -- M, W, F: 11:30 - 12:30

Dr. Richard Cunningham

BAC 431

Office Hours: M & W, 10:00 - 11:00, & by appointment

Telephone: 585 - 1345

Email: Richard.Cunningham@acadiau.ca


Course Description

This course will involve the intensive study of selected plays by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s plays are typically subdivided by genre, and in this class the genre upon which we will focus is the History play. Students can expect to read several plays by Shakespeare, and, for purposes of comparison and / or source study, at least one play not attributed to Shakespeare.

Requirements & Grading
Activity Value Date
First Exam 10% October 6
Second Exam 10% November 8
Final Exam 30% TBA (Between Dec. 6 & 20)
Attendance and Participation 20% (=5% & 15%) Ongoing
Short Paper* 10% October 13
Comparison & Contrast Essay* 20% December 1
*Digital Project 10% or 20% Oct. 13 or Dec. 1
A (hopefully unnecessary) word about Plagiarism:
Don't do it. The open and honest exchange of ideas is the coin of the academic realm. Anytime you offer someone else's ideas as your own you are as guilty of a serious offence as if you'd counterfeited dollar bills.  Most academics, and I would certainly count myself among them, would consider plagiarism to be a much worse offence than the counterfeiting of mere money.  So be warned: the wages of plagiarism can be academic death.  The penalties far outweigh any potential benefit that might accrue from the act of plagiarizing, so just don't do it.
*In consultation with the professor, a digital project may be submitted in lieu of either the short or the long paper.  The student must submit a written proposal briefly describing the digital project in accordance with the guidelines offered at the linked Digital Project page prior to the submission date for the paper the project replaces.  The scope of the project must reflect the grade weight of the paper it replaces.
Tentative Schedule
Day Date Reading In-class
1 September 8   Course Introduction
2 September 10 Julius Caesar Introduction to Julius Caesar
3 September 13 Julius Caesar Seminar
4 September 15 Julius Caesar      "
5 September 17 Richard II English Regal History - Lecture
6 September 20 Richard II Introduction to Richard II
7 September 22 Richard II  Seminar
8 September 24 Richard II      "
9 September 27 The first part of Henry IV Introduction to The first part of Henry IV
10 September 29 The first part of Henry IV Seminar
11 October 1   First Exam
12 October 4 The first part of Henry IV Seminar
13 October 6 Library Instruction -- Required
14 October 8 The first part of Henry IV Seminar
October 11 -- Thanksgiving -- No class
15 October 13 The first part of Henry IV Seminar
16 October 15 The first part of Henry IV Short Paper due; Seminar
17 October 18 The second part of Henry IV Introduction to The second part of Henry IV
18 October 20 The second part of Henry IV Seminar
19 October 22 The second part of Henry IV      "
20 October 25 Henry V  Introduction to Henry V
21 October 27 Henry V Seminar
22 October 29 Henry V Seminar
23 November 1 Henry V Movie
24 November 3 Henry V Movie
25 November 5 Henry V Comparison & Contrast of movie & play text
26 November 8

Richard III

Introduction to Richard III

27 November 10 Proposal for Comparison & Contrast Essay due; Second Exam
28 November 12 Richard III Seminar
29 November 15 Richard III Movie
30 November 17 Richard III Movie
31 November 19 Richard III Comparison & Contrast of movie & play text
32 November 22 Henry VIII Introduction to Henry VIII
33 November 24 Henry VIII Seminar
34 November 26 Essay Preparation Period
35 November 29   Review
36 December 1   Comparison & Contrast Essay due; Course evaluations
Exam December 6,  2:00 - 5:00, BAC 207 The final exam will be a comprehensive exam on the entire course.


Other Early Modern Dramatists