I have worked at Acadia University since 2001. I teach 16th and 17th poetry and prose, with particular emphasis on John Milton's Paradise Lost and Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. Beyond the classroom my focus for the past few years has been on the production of a digital edition of Milton's Paradise Lost.

Office: BAC 431
Office phone: 585-1345
Email: richard.cunningham[at]acadiau.ca


''Those who can read see twice as well.''


As ATB Financial’s Chief Economist Todd Hirsch wrote in the Globe and Mail back in 2013, ''your university education, at least at the bachelor of arts level, was never intended to land you a job. It was intended to make you a more complete thinker. It was intended to teach you how to absorb complex information and make reasoned arguments. It was, quite simply, intended to teach you how to learn. Those are skills that you'll use in any field of work.'' (boldface added)

''Alberta's post-secondary funding problem is staring them right in the face.'' Max Fawcett, MacLean's. Jan. 23, 2020


Richard Cunningham Richard Cunningham Basil is a Mastiff