I have worked at Acadia University since 2001. I teach 16th and 17th poetry and prose, with particular emphasis on John Milton's Paradise Lost and Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. Beyond the classroom my focus for the past few years has been on the production of a digital edition of Milton's Paradise Lost.

Office: BAC 431
Office phone: 585-1345
Email: richard.cunningham[at]acadiau.ca


''Those who can read see twice as well.''


Things move so quickly and the pace of innovation is so high that we need people who can think critically, react, solve problems and have that high level of intelligent agility and adaptability that will enable them to be successful in any role” says Cheri Chevalier, worldwide sales leader for marketing solutions at Microsoft. She looks for candidates who “can work with each other across groups and divisions . . . and are able to see things from other people’s perspective and who are able to communicate clearly and build relationships.”

By those criteria, Chevalier sees “liberal arts graduates [as] particularly well-positioned.”
        ''Yes, you will get a job with that arts degree,'' Jennifer Lewington, MacLean's, April 18, 2019


Richard Cunningham Richard Cunningham Basil is a Mastiff