English 1406, Sections B0 and C0

Fall - Winter, 2015-16

Prof: Dr. Richard Cunningham
Office: BAC 431
Tel: 1345
Email: rcunning[at]acadiau.ca
Office Hours: Monday, 3:00 - 5:30,
Wed. 2:00 - 4:00, or by appointment
TA: Kelli Gunn
Office: BAC 425
Office Hours: Tuesday 11:00 - 1:00
and Friday 12:20 - 1:20
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Course Description:

Generic Description:

This course introduces students to novels, plays, and poems from the twentieth century and earlier. This course will develop creative and analytical skills and will provide students with strategies for writing clearly and persuasively.

Specific Description:

In Section B0 of 1406 students will be encouraged to develop their thinking on what is good, how to decide something's good, and what role authority plays when one makes such judgements. Class members will read and engage with poetry, drama, and novels that either address the question of value directly or indirectly, or that have been adjudged good by others.

During the year we will develop an understanding of the vocabulary specific to literary study -- e.g. metaphor, image, allusion, reference, irony, etc. -- so that we can articulate our judgements in a register appropriate to the discourse community of literary scholarship.

Nb. All papers are due at the beginning of class on the day indicated.

The grade on a paper submitted within one week of when it is due will be reduced by one letter.
Any paper submitted more than a week late will not be graded.

Disability Statement:

Students with disabilities that affect learning:

If you are a student with a documented disability who anticipates needing supports or accommodations, please contact Dr. Abu Kamara, Coordinator, Accessible Learning Services at 902-585-1291, abu.kamara@acadiau.ca or Kathy O’Rourke, Disability Resource Facilitator at 902-585-1823, disability.access@acadiau.ca. Accessible Learning Services is located in the Fountain Commons, Lower Level.

The Writing Center:

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Course Texts:

Broadview Introduction to Literature, Concise Edition. Eds. Chalykoff, Lisa, Neta Gordon, and Paul Lumsden. Peterborough, ON: Broadview, 2015. Print.

Broadview Guide to Writing. Doug Babbington, Don LePan, and Maureen Okun. Peterborough, ON: Broadview, 2015. Print.

Findley, Tim. Not Wanted on the Voyage. Toronto: Penguin, 1984. 2006 edition.

Fallada, Hans. Every Man Dies Alone. Brooklyn: Melville House, 2010.



Attendance and Participation 10%
Grammar Quizzes 10%
First Paper 10%
Second Paper 10%
Xmas Exam 10%
Third Paper 15%
Fourth Paper 15%
Final Exam 20%


Class Schedule


The Concise Edition of the Broadview Introduction to Literature will be referred to as BIL in the following table.
The Broadview Guide to Writing will be referred to as GW.
Hence, "Read pp. 99 - 129, GW" should be interpreted to mean "read pages 99 to 129 (inclusive) of The Broadview Guide to Writing.

Monday Wednesday Friday
2: Introductions 4: Introductions
9: Ethos 11: Intro to metaphor:
G. Herbert's "The Collar"
14: The Wanderer and The Seafarer
The Wanderer Resource Page
16: The Dream of the Rood 18: Sentence and paragraph structure.
Read pp. 95 - 138, GW
21: Introduction to the Library,
Erin Patterson.
23: Chaucer, The Miller's
Prologue and Tale
25: The Miller's Prologue and Tale
28: Paraphrasing 30: Read "Poetry," pp. 461 - 84, BIL.
Poetry Notes
2: Poetry Notes
5: Marlowe and Ralegh's companion
poems. Pp. 489, 488, BIL.
7: Before submitting a paper.
Pp. 17 - 78, esp. 74 - 78, GW.
9: Shakespeare sonnets,
pp. 491 - 3, BIL.
First (response) paper due
12: Thanksgiving: no class 14: Fall Break 16: Fall Break
19: There will be an open book test
on Henry IV, part 1 today.
First paper returned.
21: Go over mistakes made on the first papers. 23: Grammar Quizzes
26: Henry IV, part 1 28: Henry IV, part 1 30: Henry IV, part 1
2: Finish Henry IV, pt. 1
Donne's "The Flea," pp. 494-5, BIL
4: Donne's sonnets 10
and 14, pp. 495, 496, BIL
6: Joyce's "Araby," pp. 53 - 8, BIL
9: Library research.
Erin Patterson
11: Remembrance Day, no class 13: Chopin's "Story of an
Hour," pp. 25 - 27, BIL
16: Oedipus Rex, BIL 18: Oedipus Rex, BIL, Oedipus
will extend to Friday's class if necessary
20: Oedipus Rex
23: Herbert's "The Altar," and
"Easter Wings," pp. 503 & 504
Herrick's "To the Virgins," p. 501, BIL
25: Gilman's "Yellow Wallpaper,"
pp. 28 - 42, BIL
27: Thinking about longer
works of fiction.
30: Second Paper due
Not Wanted on The Voyage
2: Not Wanted on The Voyage 4: First term review
11: Exam Review 13: Enemy 15: Enemy
18: Commentary on Enemy 20: Literary analysis 22: Literary analysisNot Wanted on The Voyage
25: Literary analysis 27: Literary analysis 29: Not Wanted on The Voyage
Paragraphing Outline
1: Every Man Dies Alone 3: Not Wanted on The Voyage
  Paragraphing Outline
5: Every Man Dies Alone
  Theses from discussion
8: Every Man Dies Alone
  Evidence from discussion
10: Every Man Dies Alone
  Questions and discussion
12: Proofreading
Third (literary analysis) paper due
15: No class 17: Reading Week 19: No class
22: Ibsen's "A Doll's House," BIL 24: Ibsen's "A Doll's House," BIL 26: Ibsen's "A Doll's House," BIL
29: Not Wanted on the Voyage review
for fourth paper.
2: Coleridge, "Rime of the
Ancient Mariner,"
4: Shelley, "Ozymandias." (550-1)
Keats, all, BIL (555-63)
7: Tennyson, "Lady of Shalott," BIL 9: Browning, "My Last Duchess," BIL 11: Mary Wroth, both, BIL
14: Bradstreet's "The Author . . ." BIL 16: Wheatley's "On Being brought from Africa," BIL 18: Barrett Browning, all, BIL
21: Dickinson, all, BIL
Fourth (revised & expanded
research) paper due.
23: Rossetti, "Goblin Market," BIL 25: Good Friday, no class
28: Moore, "Poetry" (both), BIL 30: Wordsworth, "Lines . . Abbey" BIL
1: Yeats, "Easter 1916" and
"The Second Coming," BIL
4: Williams' "Red Wheelbarrow,"
and Pound's "In a Station of the Metro," BIL
6: Citizenfour. Also, read:
Eliot, The Wasteland
8: Citizenfour. Also, read:
Eliot, "Prufrock," BIL
11: Exam Review


Useful Links:

Some help with commonly encountered and frequently confused words.

Jack Lynch's Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms

Examples of Iambs, Trochees, Spondees, Dactyls, and Anapests

List Characters-H4,pt.1

Elements of Drama This document has been saved as in Rich Text Format so that you can open it in almost any word processor for the sake of adding your own notes to it. It should be useful for each of the three dramas we will read this year.