IDST 1103: HyperMedia
Theory and Practice

In this course students will be introduced to the history behind and the theories that underlie networked communication and hypertextual practice.

The course will be sub-divided into three areas of study:

history of the book,                                rhetoric,                                   and hypermedia.


Grading and Requirements       Office Hours: M & W, 1:30 - 2:30

"A paradigm shift . . . has begun to take place [and a]lmost all parties to this paradigm shift, which marks a revolution in human thought, see electronic writing as a direct response to the strengths and weaknesses of the printed book," George Landow, Hypertext.
According to the W3Consortium, "HyperMedia is a term used for hypertext which is not constrained to be text: it can include graphics, video and sound , for example."